“That she refuses to hide away for even a month for a crash course in Republican and conservative ideals, programs and solutions tells me that she’s more interested in being an entertainer than an accountable politician.” –  Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post after Palin’s speech at the recent Republican Leadership Conference.

“Sarcasm rarely plays well in politics. … For Palin to move beyond her comfort zone of Republican base politics and into ground as a serious candidate for president in 2012, she will almost certainly have to significantly scale down the sarcasm in her speeches.  Of course, if Palin has decided (or does decide) not to run for president then her current rhetorical style virtually ensures further commercial success for her books, speech and the rest of the growing Palin Inc. empire.” – Chris Cillizza wrote on “The Fix” in the Washington Post last week.

Anyone who thinks that President Obama and the Democratic Party aren’t going to fight tooth and nail for success in November’s mid-term elections is sadly mistaken.
Even for this bunch of feckless Senate Republicans, the decision to double down against the president and the Democrats on financial industry reform right after losing the healthcare reform bill is mystifying to me.  But, I guess it’s a result of deciding to oppose the administration on everything.
I’m dubbing the current potential pool of 2012 Republican presidential candidates – Palin, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Barbour – “Loserpalooza”!
To paraphrase former senator and McCain advisor Phil Graham, “The GOP has become a party of whiners.”
If you had told me before last week that one erupting volcano in Iceland could severely disrupt air travel to and from and in Europe, I’d had called you crazy.
After spending 30 minutes using the new iPad at the Apple Store at The Grove in Los Angeles on Saturday, I don’t see why anyone HAS to have it.  I’m leaning towards the Kindle when I finally bite the bullet and buy an E-reader.
It appears that Simon Cowell knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to make this season his last on “American Idol” and I’ll bet its drop-off in ratings (it’s come in second to “Dancing With The Stars” the last two weeks) were a major factor in musical director Rickey Minor’s decision to take over from Kevin Eubanks on the “Tonight Show”.
Conan O’Brien’s decision to go with TBS instead of FOX makes perfect sense in that his audience could really care less about a broadcast network over a cable one.  They’re already used to finding his brand of comedy on Comedy Central and other cable outlets. 
I’m pleasantly amused by author Kitty Kelley’s somewhat aggrieved statements that some talk shows – The View, Letterman, Larry King Live – are refusing to interview her about her new unauthorized biography of Oprah because they fear offending her.  Hey Kitty, if you have the right to write about her without any input from her and reveal things she’d rather not be revealed, people who like and respect her have a right to ignore you.
The more that comes out about the Ben Rothlisberger case in Georgia, the more I wonder how charges weren’t filed against him.  Something happened in that club that night with that young woman that just doesn’t seem right.  And with the only cop to interview the woman resigning last week and the fact that the off-duty Pennsylvania police office who was with Rothlisberger that night may be under investigation for failing to carry out his sworn oath to uphold the law and whether or not he violated department rules on off-duty employment, and other incidents coming to light, it makes me think that before this is all said and done, Big Ben will be suspended for at least four games this season.
Whoever ends up owning the Dodgers after the McCourts’ divorce is finally settled is going to have to pay Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp a LOT of money is another two years or risk losing them to free agency.
I’m not saying that Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia’s uniform pants are a bit baggy but, when I was a kid, they would have been called “feet-in pajamas”.
The NBA play-offs are going to be very, very interesting this year.
The Clippers’ Baron Davis should wear a ski mask on the 1st and 15th of each month during the season.
A Weird Larry Brown Fact – The notoriously nomadic coach was on hand for the New Jersey Nets first and last games at the Meadowlands arena as coach of the Nets in 1981 and coach of the Charlotte Bobcats last week.  In between, he coached six other NBA teams, plus Kansas who won the 1988 national championship. 
“For Amy – Inspired by an appearance from his cancer-stricked wife, family man Phil Mickelson was his daring and charming self as he strode to his 3rd victory at the Masters and his biggest triumph ever.”  That’s the title of Sport Illustrated’s cover story on Mickelson’s recent Masters win.  That “family man” line, in my opinion, was a direct shot at Tiger Woods.
I wanted to like this movie.  I really, really wanted to because I enjoyed the original.  But, I must be honest with you – this is God-awful.
The title of this “film” should have been “Why Did We Make This Movie Too?” or “Let’s See How Many Other Films Tyler Perry Stole Ideas From”! 
This is the absolute worst waste of time, money and film stock since “Three The Hard Way”.  I feel sorry for Louis Gossett J and Cicely Tyson and I pray that they had the sense not to list this festival of crap on their credits. 
Am I the only one who realizes that the whole “Please find my new man a job” scenario came straight from the movie “Soul Food”?  I can’t be the only one because anyone with the sense God gave a grape could see that.  And, even in a “movie”, you can’t just walk into a police department in a city like Atlanta and go out on patrol the VERY NEXT DAY! Hello!  Ever hear of background checks, interviews, talking to his former chief, going through the police academy?  This ain’t going to work at Wal-Mart!  AND, even if you could, how could a lowly patrolman know what the CHIEF OF POLICE is doing in a case like this? 
My people, I know it’s sacrilege to criticize the great Tyler Perry for doing it like God told him to do it but, enough is enough!  This is crap and we are just wasting our time and money supporting him.  Oh, and by the way, the car crash scene was inspired by “Defending Your Life” which was written and directed by Albert Brooks.  I am very, very afraid of what Tyler Perry is going to do to “For Colored Girls…” and you should be too!

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